Job Path Works With You

David, a stock clerk, at the NBA store.

Job Path has a long history of providing New York City employers with outstanding employees. Our focus is on making the best match: Our Employment Specialists spend time with employers to identify their needs and pinpoint specific tasks that must get done. Because we know each potential employee’s strengths, abilities and skills, we find you the best person for the job.

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Here are just a few of our success stories:

  • At Bed Bath & Beyond stores in New York City, Job Path is seen as adding value. In six months, Job Path placed five workers at various stores around the City and the chance for a long term partnership with BBB looks bright. According to Bed, Bath & Beyond, the key to success is both simple and complicated – a good match between the job and the employee. By listening closely to what Bed Bath & Beyond needs, Job Path Employment Specialists have come up with great matches for the retail chain.

    At Bed, Bath & Beyond, Vincent keeps merchandise in good order.

  • Before Anton came to work at the New York Public Library, work was backing up in the Microfilm department. Job Path helped the Library put together tasks into a job where Anton catalogs microfilm, shelves returned materials and handles some computer work as well. And this college graduate, who is originally from the Ukraine, translates foreign language newspaper and magazine titles into English and helps when Russian speaking patrons need assistance!

  • Rayquan is a valued employee at Edison Price Lighting, a firm which designs and manufacturers energy efficient architectural lighting fixtures for businesses around the world. He assembles specialty light fittings. He only needs to be shown how to do something once before he’s ready to handle the task on his own. And he’s dedicated – his boss says he even got to work on time when the NYC subway was shut down because of flooding.

    Margot is an experienced office staffer.

  • When the matrimonial law firm Mayerson Stutman Abramowitz, LLP decided to go to digital files, the current staff was challenged to keep up. Enter Job Path and Bryan. With his college degree in office systems, he was what the firm needed to make the transition. There is a lot more to the digital workplace than just scanning the documents, and this has become Bryan’s specialty.
  • Elisabeth is a teacher’s assistant at a day care center.

    News Corporation is a diversified global media company that understands the importance of valuing and serving a diverse marketplace. The Company recently restructured its Corporate Diversity department and engaged Job Path to assist them in identifying potential candidates for a newly-created position within the department. Working with our Employment Specialists, News Corp. selected James, a college graduate, who is responsible for research, as well as administrative tasks that include: assembling press material, creating and maintaining databases, answering phones, participating in News Corp.-sponsored community events, and providing assistance for the Company’s Community Outreach Programs and corporate meetings.

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