How We Work

At Job Path, we encourage people to explore what they want out of life. Our overarching emphasis is to help each individual make choices and then assist them to get the supports they need for success. Whether it’s finding a job, making a contribution in a volunteer role, establishing a home, or being part of the community in other ways, the goal is to assist the person to lead a full and active life.

When we are getting to know someone, Job Path spends the time needed to understand the strengths, abilities and needs of the person. This process, which we call discovery, frequently includes input from family and friends as well. There are no preconceived ideas about what is possible; all alternatives are considered.

Our programs assist people in getting a job, making community connections and living in their own home. Life coaching, is designed for adults with autism spectrum disabilities (such as Asperger’s Syndrome) and addresses the special needs of this underserved population. Our Medicaid Service Coordination staff are advocates for individuals. They work to design an overall plan for each person and to solve any problems that arise along the way.

In addition to our programs, Job Path is sharing practices and ideas designed to create new opportunities for young people with developmental disabilities as they transition out of the New York City school system by working with consultant Beth Mount, through Urban Innovations Learning Collaborative.

For more information about eligibility for Job Path programs, click here.