Autism Spectrum Disabilities: Life coaching

Anthony at video production class at St. Francis College.

Life Coaching For Adults With Austism Spectrum Disabilities

Life Coaching for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disabilities (such as Asperger's Syndrome) was launched in 2006 to address the needs of this drastically underserved population. The program's rationale is simple. Individuals with autism can reach their potential with the right types of support. Job Path's Life Coaching Team offers young adults intensive life planning and assistance to define their goals and develop plans of action; then they begin implementing these plans.

One individual may need support connecting to volunteer jobs and social and recreational activities in her community. Another person may attend college thanks to the support of a mentor helping him focus in class

Evan in the design lab at NYC College of Technology.

and make the transition to college life. Others may need a mentor to support them at work or to find a job and adjust to the workplace. Support is based on the specific needs of each individual.

A key feature of the program is the social understanding group. Members meet every other week to develop and strengthen social connections and discuss issues of common interest. Various topics are self-selected by the group. Dating and workplace etiquette are just two areas that have been addressed.

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