Medicaid Service Coordination

Alvena in the kitchen of the new apartment she moved into after a fire.

Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC) assists each person to identify his or her goals – whether it’s living in their own home, having a job, pursuing interests and hobbies, having a “circle of friends” and/or participating in community life. The MSC operates as a strong advocate who helps each person put together a life plan.

The MSC is involved with each person’s family and locates the supports and services the person needs. An MSC recently made sure that one person received a new walker to replace the one he had been using for years and arranged for another person to get his GED. Last spring, MSCs made sure the forms were in order so that one of the younger people we work with could spend three weeks at sleep-away camp. Often the MSCs are busy helping people pack up – Owen moved from the Bronx to Staten Island to be closer to his mother. And when a fire destroyed Alvena’s apartment, they helped her move to another apartment in the same building and to fill it with new furniture – some of it from an anonymous donor.

Roommates Darryl & Steven in their neighborhood.

When necessary, MSCs use creative ways to communicate. For example, in order to help Peter put together a weekly schedule that reflected his interests, his MSC created a map. This map incorporates Peter’s love of super heroes and represents how he and his Job Path support worker navigate the city each day; they commute by train from Brooklyn to Peter’s job in the Village setting up a puppy training program. The diagram, which hangs in Peter’s bedroom, visually shows ways that he communicates with people in his life and serves as a motivation for him to get ready each morning.

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