Supported Living

In the early 1990s, Job Path began developing individualized residential services as an alternative to group homes. Today, Job Path supports more than 25 people who are living in their own homes. These individuals have more choices and community involvement than ever before.

Job Path encourages family, friends and neighbors to get involved to ensure that the person’s choices are honored. Along with the person and Job Path, the person’s support circle considers where he or she wants to live, what type of housing they prefer, the kind of services they need and whether or not to look for a roommate – all in the context of their budget, including government benefits and rent subsidies. Once a space is found, housing specialists set up the support people need to establish their homes. The goal of the Supported Living team is to help people arrange whatever level of assistance they need to live safely, comfortably, and happily in their own homes.

Nina, who lives with a roommate, enjoying a barbeque.

In the past, the services for those who needed around-the-clock assistance relied on shift staff – aides who came and went – which didn’t provide the ordinary home life people want and most of us take for granted. To address this problem, we have begun to restructure the households where people are receiving 24-hour support so that they get most of their assistance by sharing their lives with people without disabilities. These more “natural” supports are provided by a live-in companion or a paid neighbor who becomes part of the person’s life.

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