Urban Innovations: Creating Lives of Distinction
Designing a new template for the transition from school to adult life

A student and her mother discuss employment options with her support team.

Each year hundreds of young people with developmental disabilities leave New York City schools, but few attend college, become employed or participate in community life outside of specialized habilitation programs. Job Path’s newest initiative, the Urban Innovations Learning Collaborative, supports the creation of new opportunities for these young people including employment and entrepreneurship; college attendance and internships; creative arts careers; and community participation and active civic involvement. The goal is to learn together about innovative practices and support each other as we implement prototypes for new supports and services. The plan is to create a vibrant network of people who are committed to the development of alternatives to traditional, group-oriented programming for people with developmental disabilities.

High School students from different boroughs.

Job Path, working with consultant Beth Mount, is bringing together service providers, Department of Education (DOE) programs, OPWDD and other government partners, and family and self-advocacy groups.

The Collaborative is creating a strong online community where people can share ideas, discuss problems, and post success stories, as well as engage with like-minded individuals in other parts of the country and internationally. Sign up to become a member.