Working For You

Job Path works for you. Job Path has been providing New York City employers with outstanding employees since 1978. Our employment specialists spend time with employers to identify their needs and pinpoint specific tasks that need to get done. Because we know each potential employee’s strengths, abilities, and skills, we can find the best person for the job.

Customized employment is a flexible process which personalizes the relationship between a job candidate and an employer in a way that meets the needs of both. Job Path’s approach towards employment planning is one person at a time, one employer at a time.

Job Path works with each employer to find the right solution for their business.  We help employers address specific work issues that will help to increase productivity in the workplace:

  • Routine daily tasks that reduce staff productivity
  • Work that is backing up
  • New tasks and/or projects that never get done because of lack of time and/or resources
  • High staff turnover
  • Staff being stretched too thin during peak times/hours
  • Issues of safety, compliance and security

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Job Path candidates work in a variety of employment settings and offer a wide array of skill sets.  Below are a few examples:

  • Animal Care
  • Clerical/Office Assistance
  • Computer/Data Entry
  • Childcare/Teacher Assistant
  • Food Service
  • Healthcare
  • Media/Communications
  • Porter/Maintenance Worker
  • Retail





Customized employment at work

Bryan at work

The office manager at a large mid-town law firm, gathered department heads to develop a list of tasks that needed attention: updating regulations in the law library, compiling pamphlets for the recruiting office, data entry and petty cash distribution for the fiscal department, transferring hard files to digital files, copying and scanning. With a bundle of tasks now defined, employment specialists identified Bryan, whose meticulous nature, passion for statistics, and desire to work part-time were exactly what was required. For the past five years, Bryan has been a valued employee.


“We are fortunate that the people from Job Path are 100% dependable. Depending upon your needs, Job Path provides workers who are happy to work for you” – General Manager, Willner Chemists

“Working with Job Path is one of the best decisions we have ever made. This venture has provided us with quality employees. It makes us all shine.” – Director of Operations, Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Elise works at Walgreens

William Fulcher works as a mailroom/messenger at CBS Radio where he replaced another Job Path worker who retired.

William works as a mailroom/messenger at CBS Radio where he replaced another Job Path worker who retired.

Job Path has placed ten workers at various Bed Bath & Beyond stores in New York City.  According to Bed, Bath & Beyond, the key to success is a good match between the job and the employee.  By listening closely to what Bed Bath & Beyond needs, Job Path came up with great matches for the retail chain.


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CCE: The Consortium for Customized Employment

The Consortium for Customized Employment (CCE) was launched in 2012 to expand the implementation of the customized employment strategies that have been so successful for both employers and job seekers alike.

The consortium has established a collaborative effort between respected agencies and schools working with people with developmental disabilities. While expanding the pool of candidates we can offer our business partners, the CCE has broadened our partnership base to include larger institutions and industries within New York City.

The Consortium has in place an enthusiastic network of adult service agencies and schools including: Center for Family Support, Queens Center for Progress, AHRC New York City, Life’s WORC, Herbert G. Birch School and Community Services, Center for Independence of the Disabled – New York, Heartshare Human Services of NY, Goodwill Industries and the Cooke Center Academy.

Annette Feliciano at Shake Shack

Annette at Shake Shack

The CCE has a network of large employers committed to hiring candidates from these agencies; these businesses have significant numbers of jobs and the ability to increase employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The network of companies that have hired from CCE organizations includes large employers with multiple businesses like Union Square Hospitality Group, which has hired 20 people for its Shake Shack locations as well as its fine restaurants (the Modern, Maialino). Five other employers have hired more than one person. For example, the New School and Brooklyn Roasters have hired four and seven individuals, respectively.

While Job Path spearheads the CCE’s employer development effort, we have encouraged participating agencies to share contacts when a business might offer sufficient opportunities or when an agency has a job possibility that can’t be filled with their own candidates. Agencies traditionally guard their job development contacts, but it is our aim that the CCE develop a culture where these contacts can be shared, increasing opportunities for job seekers from all its member agencies.

CCE Business Partnerships

Apollo Theater
Ark Restaurant Group
Bank of America
Bay Ridge Honda
Brooklyn Prospect Charter Schools
Brooklyn Roasting Company
Brooklyn VA Hospital
Circle of Confusion
Dinex Group
DuVal Enterprises
Farm One
Gallup NYC
Great Performances
Innovations Charter
Knickerbocker Senior Center
Mt Vernon Hotel Museum
NBA Store
NY Public Library
NYU Langone Medical Center
O’Connor Davies
Old Navy
Poly Prep
Shake Shack
Shubert Organization
Sugar Hill Children’s Museum
The Children’s Place
The Compass Group (Restaurant Assoc. and Chartwells)
The Cooke Center for Learning and Development
The Ideal School
The International Charter School
The New School
Trader Joe’s
Trevor Day School
Union Square Hospitality Group


For more information contact, Karen Waltuck: kwaltuck@jobpathnyc.org