Job Path Wins Autism Speaks House to Home Prize


Job Path was awarded the top prize in the daily support category for CHIC: Changing Housing into Community. CHIC is a parent-initiated program that represents a partnership between Job Path, a group of parents and Adaptations, a social program at the JCC of Manhattan. CHIC offers the support of a group home without the group home. People have their own apartments but live near one another.  Everyone has the personalized supports they need to manage their households and participate in community life. We are even creating an app, Pieced, that is designed to help people hire their own staff. Think Tinder meets Linked In. Our first CHIC community, which we call West Side Connections, is operating in New York City.

 Click here to watch a short video about CHIC and Pieced. 

 Autism Speaks Video Award Picture

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West Side Connections has gone from the drawing board to reality: several young people are now in their own apartments. Director, Lauren Enos, manages the day-to-day details and helps connect the young people to one another and to community life.

Acknowledging Our Accomplishments…


Good Day Street InterviewBoard member Gary Mayerson was recently interviewed on Good Day Street Talk along with Danny Oquendo, older brother of Avonte Oquendo, and Randy Richardson who is an assistant paralegal at the law offices of Mayerson & Associates, a firm dedicated to representing individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. Click to watch.



Upside Down Giraffe


Elisa Huberman has copyrighted and self-published a book, The Upside Down Giraffe.  Her book can be purchased on Amazon.