The faces of Job Path...

Since 1978, Job Path has been encouraging people with developmental disabilities to explore what they want out of life and then to chart their own journeys. Through our programs, we provide the opportunities and support for people to succeed at whatever they want – whether it’s paid or volunteer work, living in their own homes, or participating in community life. In other words, to lead the same kind of life we all want.

Jobs grow in Brooklyn! Juan at Treats Truck Stop

Job Path Celebrates...


Our newest placement in Brooklyn is Juan Reyes Medina who works at the Treats Truck. Job Path staff regularly enjoyed treats when the truck was parked on West 38th Street and became friendly with owner Kim Ima. When she opened Treats Truck Stop, her first restaurant on Court Street, Kim was looking for an outgoing, friendly, hardworking employee to perform kitchen tasks and light porter duties and Juan was the perfect fit! A coworker says, "I like working on the days I know Juan is here."


Johnathan Putz. The happiest artist alive.

Jonathan is busy living his life and realizing his dream as an artist. After working successfully for two years as an employee, Book Court recognized Jonathan's artistic abilities and hosted an exhibition of his work at their store in Brooklyn. Jonathan has exhibited at MOMA and studies at the School of Visual Arts.

Recently, Jonathan was awarded one of the sixteen 2013 O'Neill Tabani Enrichment Fund Scholarships from the National Down Syndrome Society. This scholarship will allow Jon to continue his education and prove that his talents, skills, and abilities are limitless.

On Saturday, June 8th, Job Path took part in the Figment Festival on Governor's  Island -- a participatory art festival. Job Path's installation was "A World that Works for Everyone." Visitors were asked to: "Be audacious and picture a world where there is no separation between people... Choose a door. Share your gifts and then share your vision." People from Job Path were behind each of the three painted doors, waiting to share a skill or talent with guests. As an attendee said: "During the day, songs were shared, people danced, pictures were exchanged and hopefully a few eyes were opened."


For just $50, Job Path provides one hour of coaching assistance.  Click the link below to make a difference in the life of a person with a developmental disability.