Job Path Gala 2017: Thanks to all our supporters

Job Path is deeply grateful for the generosity of our donors and partners. Everyone involved contributed in making this year’s gala another great success.







Happy 25th anniversary on the job

There is a job for everyone.
When he graduated in 1992, Eric Doughty was denied enrollment in a sheltered day program because he was deemed “too loud” and “too compulsive.” But his mother, Geri Smith, was just as glad because she believed her son could hold a job. So through a special project with his school, Job Path set out to prove her right.

Our job developer literally knocked on doors in Eric’s Rockaway

neighborhood until she found Park Nursing Home and convinced director Pat Russell to meet Eric. Geri almost couldn’t believe it when Mr. Russell told Eric, “Just make sure you are on time and wear a clean uniform.”

_Working as a dietary assistant three days a week–stacking and cleaning trays –Eric has been on time and in a clean uniform for 25 years. Now he lives in his own apartment, with help from his family and Job Path, especially Tracey Ramdehal, who has supported Eric for more than 14 years.
_Recently Geri hosted a 25th anniversary party for Eric. More than 50 past and present co-workers–some with their families–filled the backyard of her home. Geri says, “The staff has always made sure that Eric doesn’t fail. They keep him safe and help him stay focused.”
Mr. Russell, who spotted Eric’s work ethic right from the start, added:
“I wish everyone was as happy and delighted to be at work as Eric is.”