About Us

Our Mission

Job Path supports people with developmental disabilities as they make choices about their lives and play valued roles in their communities.

Job Path encourages people to explore what they want out of life and to chart their own journeys.  Whether it’s finding a job, contributing as a volunteer, establishing a home, or joining a community group, the goal is to assist people to lead full and active lives.  In other words, to lead the same kind of life everyone wants.

We believe that:

  • everyone has gifts and capabilities
  • everyone has the right to make decisions about his or her own life
  • everyone has a voice that should be heard
  • everyone should have the opportunity to join the workforce
  • everyone can play a role in community life

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Our History

WIllowbrook State School

As told by Emily Menlo Marks, first executive director of Job Path:

Thirty-six years ago, the Vera Institute of Justice, which had created programs to help people considered “hard to employ,” had the idea of helping people with developmental disabilities join the workforce.

That year, 1978, was the time of the Willowbrook Consent Decree. Alternatives available to this population were limited to sheltered workshops, day treatment programs or staying at home. When I visited many of the agencies that were running these programs, the reaction of the leadership was consistent: “What a harebrained idea!” However, we convinced some of them to identify ten individuals to participate in a six-week pilot program, to take place at Chemical Bank and the gift shop of the Metropolitan Museum, deliberately chosen because they were two “classy” institutions.

At the end of the six-week period, the results were better than anyone anticipated. Five of those people were hired at their work sites, and the remaining five were hired by other employers.  The skepticism from the other agency executives and staff, as well as some of the parents, quickly vanished.  I remember one mother who insisted on following her daughter on the train to be sure that she didn’t get lost, until it was clear that her daughter was capable of traveling alone. The other agencies became eager to make referrals to what then became Job Path, as well as to serve on the newly constituted Advisory Board.

Job Path has evolved from a small project of the Vera Institute to the independent nonprofit it is today – an agency that has helped to change the service delivery system for people with developmental disabilities in New York State and elsewhere in the country.

Our Board of Directors

  • 04Gary Mayerson, Chair
  • Melkis Alvarez-Baez
  • Joan Bell
  • Karim Herdsman
  • Kevin Innes
  • Diana McCourt
  • Roger Oliver
  • John O’Neill
  • C. William Phillips
  • Russ Pomeranz
  • Uly Ramos
  • Maura Rose
  • Mary Pat Ryan
  • Jon Tkach
  • Maria Tucci

Our Staff

About US_STAFFFredda Rosen, Executive Director

Rachel Pollock, Senior Program Advisor/ General Counsel

Aimee Althoff, Associate Executive Director

Carly Teichman, Associate Executive Director

Ellen Murphy, Corporate Compliance Officer and Incident Review Manager

For information about Job Path’s Services, Carolann Granata, Intake Coordinator

Employment Opportunities at Job Path

Corporate Compliance

Job Path’s reputation for honesty and integrity means as much as our reputation for innovative services.  We have a Corporate Compliance Plan which reflects our commitment to the highest ethical standards in all our programs and in everything that we do.  Our compliance plan aims to prevent fraud, waste and abuse and achieve our goal of providing innovative, high quality services to the people we serve.  We have appointed a Corporate Compliance Officer, Ellen Murphy, to be responsible for implementing our compliance efforts.  She can be reached at 212 944 0564 extension 203 or by email at emurphy@jobpathnyc.org.

In addition, a Compliance Hotline is available at 1-800-826-6762 and callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

Our Funding Partners

We are grateful to the foundations and corporate partners that support our work.




For the Media

Job Path staff can provide background information and suggest resources to members of the media. For more information: About Us and Our Programs

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Job Path
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