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Job Path 2014 Annual Benefit….

Co-host Tina Brown at our 2014 Annual Benefit.

Co-host Tina Brown at our 2014 Annual Benefit.

Job Path’s 2014 Annual Benefit was co-hosted by Tina Brown & Sir Harold Evans, Robert De Niro & Grace Hightower, and Vicky Ward & Richard Cohen. This year we had a panel discussion, “Nothing Works Like Working”, with parents sharing their experiences of what Job Path has meant for their children.  The Employer of the Year was The New School and the award was accepted by President, David E. Van Zandt.

To watch a short clip from the benefit, click on the photo below.

Check out a clip from our 2014 Annual Benefit.

Check out a clip from our 2014 Annual Benefit.

Panel Discussion: Nothing Works Like Working

Panel Discussion: Nothing Works Like Working

Jonathan Putz: Work. Life. Community.

Jonathan and his art.

Jonathan and his art.

Jonathan is an artist who has exhibited at MoMA and studied at the School of Visual Arts.  He has been working for the last two years at BookCourt in Brooklyn, and they recently hosted a third exhibition of his work. Last year, Jonathan was awarded a scholarship from the National Down Syndrome Society, which allowed him to expand his education by taking a Photoshop class. Jonathan and his family are making plans for him to move into his own apartment.

The Happiest Artist Alive

A home of their own…

Carlos Vollaro and Gi Bird at the Asser Levy pool on East Side. Gi swims regularly, and Carlos swims when his work schedule allows.

Carlos Vollaro and Gi Bird at the Asser Levy pool on East Side. Gi swims regularly, and Carlos swims when his work schedule allows.

Carlos and Guilermo (Gi) moved into their own three-bedroom apartment in East Harlem after years living in a 10-person group home.  Gi notes: “I can go into the fridge whenever I want.”  The third bedroom is for their roommate, Xenia Laureano, who helps Carlos and Gi manage their household.

Figment Festival 2014

Emanuel Pinkhasov one of our mail carriers.

Job Path’s project for Figment Festival 2014 at governor’s Island was PostAbility. Our post office had a sign:

Welcome to the PostAbility Community Post Office. We are a group of individuals from the five boroughs of NYC, coming together to facilitate an interactive art, communication and story-sharing project.  Receive a letter from a stranger written just for you, and share your own story or artwork in return via the PostAbility post-station.  

News Corp

News Corp awarded Job Path a $25,000 grant through their corporate giving initiative to support our Career Launch Program: Building Skills for Life.  For more information on our Career Prep and Career Advancement Classes contact:


Randy got his job at a law firm with the support of a job coach. Job Path is now on CrowdRise. For every $50 raised a job seeker like Randy receives one hour of job coaching. For every $1,000 raised, another person is launched into the workforce.

Handmade Books

Peter Dommermuth 1

Job Path’s art group had a reception for their Handmade Books exhibition which featured works by artists who created stories and designed book covers. These pieces by Peter Dommermuth were among those displayed.

Speed Dating

speed dating edited

Job Path’s Speed Dating Committee hosted its first event on April 11th at Judson Memorial Church.  About 40 people attended from agencies all across NYC. There was dancing, great food and conversations between people who would otherwise not have met.



This busy, in-demand group advocates and creates ways to challenge the stereotypes about people with disabilities.  Outside Voices recently filmed “Professionalism,” an instructional video for staff and another explaining the process of Speed Dating.

Click here to see video

Coming attractions: West Side Connections

Job Path has developed a new effort in direct response to the parents of the young people supported by our Life Coaching program. The goal is to develop a combination of individualized residential supports and community connections that will enable young people to thrive in their own homes while ensuring that they have the stable, long-term assistance that will put their parents’ minds at ease. Young people will live in their own apartments, some with roommates, within proximity to one another. The aim is to facilitate strong connections among group members and the larger community.  Several young people are now living in their own apartments and receiving supports through the West Side Connections project.